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I Love a Good Anti-Boyfriend

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

I’m jumping on the bandwagon. Lena Dunham is amazing. Now that season 2 of HBO’s Girls is over, I feel the void. My voyeuristic need to watch uncomfortable sex, complicated relationships with friends and Adam. Yes, Adam. I am, not so secretly, in love with him. I know, he’s kind of neanderthalish looking. But, there’s just something about him that attracts me. Yes he’s off his rocker. Yes, he’s a bit on the creepy side but he’s also super sexy. He accepts Hannah for who she is. He lets her spin and waits to catch her. And I know that women don’t need catching. But sometimes you can go deeper, crazier, wilder when someone is waiting for you.

I applaud Lena Dunham for writing the perfect anti-boyfriend. That guy your friends will never like, your parents will always hate and deep down you doubt him yourself, but ultimately you can’t resist him. He’s the right one for your own brand of crazy.