I Like Rules


For somebody who can’t be bothered with following the rules I have a lot them.  Game of Thrones seems to violate every single rule I have. Thank god, I was born in modern times because there is no way I would have survived.  Here are some of my rules.

- If there is a chance that a baby will be born on fur, I will not watch, read or participate in it.

- Dragons, I don’t do ‘em.

- Little people in crooked crowns, that’s a NO.

- Wine drunk from the skins of animals. Get a glass, hell  I don’t care if you drink it straight
from the bottle.

- Polyamory or swing parties. I’ve never been invited so I’m pretty sure this is a mutual feeling.

- No hot tubs with friends.  This could get creepy fast.

- Mandals – Man Sandals. The only time a mandal is allowed is at the beach or near a large body of
water. Mandals and jeans are a no, cover them toes up.

What are some of your rules?


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3 Responses to “I Like Rules”

  1. oh lady. I have five million billion rules. nobody listens to them. that doesn’t stop me.

    No beards on yr face or we’re not kissing.
    No condiments.
    No boys quoting poetry in a romantical effort.
    Please don’t call it ‘lovemaking’
    No talking while I’m watching my show.

    • kariyoung says:

      Agree with boys quoting poetry, lovemaking and talking. I have to admit I like a nice beard and chest hair. I’m not talking chewbacca just masculine.

  2. And your rules continue to grow. I like your rules, though.

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